TRANS TV obtained its national broadcast license in October 1998 after passing all required proper tests held by intergovernmental departments and began officially broadcasting on December 15, 2001. TRANS TV’s line of business is under TRANS CORP or TRANS MEDIA, which is also under the group CT Corp as the holding company. Trans TV is the 8-th licensed nationwide private television station in Indonesia. In shape of a ‘Diamond’, TRANS TV’s symbol expresses beauty and eternity. Its glowing sparkles reflect life and tradition from varied regions of Indonesia. And to represent a classic and timeless yet intimate and easy to recognize character, Serif has been chosen as font.

Our Vision: TRANS TV wishes to become the best television in Indonesia and South East Asia that provides positive results to stakeholders, broadcasts excellent programs, acts in accordance with cultural moral values acceptable to stakeholders and co-workers, and gives valuable contributions for the improvement of social welfare and public intelligence.  Our Mission: TRANS TV elaborates public ideas and aspirations to educate and prosper the Indonesian nation, strengthen unity, and develop democratic values. Until today TRANS TV consistently produces in-house programs and broadcasts “Trendsetter, Lifestyle, and Indonesian HBO” image programs, such as Indonesia Mencari Bakat, Supertrap, Insert and Bioskop TRANS TV, which make TRANS TV unique and different from any other television station.

We invite you to join our team:

  1. Account Executive
  2. Computer Graphic Program
  3. Editor
  4. Audit Iso 9001:2008 Supervisor
  5. Creative
  6. Finance & BMA
  7. Financial & Compliance Audit Supervisor
  8. General Accounting & Tax Staff
  9. Operator Transmisi Daerah
  10. Production Assistant
  11. Quality Control Staff
  12. Reporter
  13. Secretariat
  14. Talent Management
  15. Wardrobe